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Up to 5 gallons Free Compost Tea

Bring your own 5 gallon bucket to Kinney Nursery and we'll fill it for free with any purchase. 4115 Rowles Rd.Vina, CA 96092

Benefits of Compost Tea

  • Better plant growth resulting in better tasting vegetables & bigger blossoms.
  • Boosts beneficial organisms that enhance plants immune systems.
  • Packed with essential nutrients that are easily absorbed.
  • Encourages root growth and helps plants pull nutrition from farther down.
  • An all-natural alternative to harsh chemical fertilizers that can harm insects, wildlife, and even humans.


At Kinney Nursery and Topsoil, we specialize in offering quality soil blends and nursery stock at very competitive prices. We provide premium landscape materials and nursery stock to Northern California, including Butte, Glenn, Tehama, Colusa, and Shasta Counties, from Sacramento to the Oregon border.

You can make a short drive and pick up any of our material, or we can deliver. So if you're a professional landscaper or the weekend gardener, we have all the soils, soil ammendments, and barks to get any size project started. We also carry a huge selection of organic gardening supplies, including fertilizers, compost tea and pest control.

Have a Project In Mind?

Our Soil and Bark Calculator helps you to estimate how many cubic yards you would need to order to cover a specific area to a particular depth.

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Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the knowledge and quality products to make all your landscaping and gardening ideas become a reality. If you need advice on the best organic gardening tips sign up for free and we'll show you how.