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How to Best Protect Your Garden and Plants During Heat Waves • 9/15/2017

Maintaining a garden during the summer is more challenging for those practicing organic gardening. To safely maintain an organic summer garden, here are the things you must do to protect your crops and plants from extreme heat.... Read More

Aphids: Identification and Organic Control • 8/29/2017

If you’ve noticed your plants’ leaves getting yellow and distorted, its growth stunted, and with the plant itself having black, sticky substance, then chances are it has aphids. If you wondering just what are aphids, and how do they affect ... Read More

Soul Food For Soil • 8/11/2017

In order to keep your garden growing at its best your soil needs to be in good condition and adequately fertilized. Ideally your soil should have the following qualities:... Read More

Companion Planting for an Earth-friendly Garden • 8/4/2017

One of the most efficient and earth-friendly ways to keep pests at bay is companion planting. This means planting specific flowers and herbs around your garden to attract beneficial insects while keeping the bad bugs away.... Read More

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