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How to Improve Heavy Soils

Heavy clay soils tend to have poor drainage, and become compacted easily. A waterlogged, or shallow-rooted plant will be more vulnerable to disease, insect damage, or nutrient deficiencies. To improve the texture, drainage and workability of dense clay soils organic matter must be added to help add air spaces and break up the compacted clay.

Using Kinney Nursery’s humus blends along with our premium quality soil amendments improve soil structures and add new life to your heavy soil. They provide nutrients to young plants, help in water retention, percolation, and make the soil easier to work with. If you are not sure what kind of soil you have bring in a sample and our knowledgeable staff can give you smart economical suggestions to help you bring your soil back to life, and provide your plants with a soil your plants can really sink their roots in.

Improving Sandy Soils

Loose and sandy particles share the same basic problems. The soil particles have large spaces between them, and water drains through them so quickly that the soil dries up before the plants roots can absorb moisture. Adding quality-amended soil from Kinney Nursery is one way to bulk up that loose soil and will help your soil absorb water more efficiently. Organic matter can also be added to loose sandy soils to help increase water retention, and aeration.

Sandy soils have a low nitrogen content so we provide a Premium Humus Blend that can revitalize your soil will improving the soil structure. If you are unsure what kind of soil you have bring in a sample and we can also help you pick the soil additive that will help your landscaping trees and landscaping shrubs meet their full potential.