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Vita Grow Rooting Compound


What makes Vita Grow Ready to Use Rooting Compound different from the rest? Rooting gels and powders need to be in contact with the clone’s stem for extended periods of time to work properly. Vita Grow RTU Rooting Compound is different. It is a liquid formula that works fast! So, don’t worry about accidently wiping it off, using too little or not enough. It quickly penetrates stem cells and once it is in the plant, it can’t be washed or rubbed off.

It’s easy to use! Simply pour the Vita Grow RTU Rooting Compound into a cup or dish, dip the cutting/clone into the compound and then plant it in your favorite medium. There are simple directions on the bottle if you forget how easy it is to use.

Are you a cloning machine owner but stopped using it? In the past, cloning machines got a bad name. This was because the rooting gels and powders quickly washed off the clones and contaminated the water. The contaminated water formed a slime that stuck to stems and plastic surfaces. This made it almost impossible to get good plants growing. The use of Vita Grow Ready to Use Rooting Compound in your cloning machine will not lead to slime forming in the water. So now that you know which rooting compound is best for your cloner, start using it again!.

8 oz $19.99

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