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420 Sharp: Non-Stick Precision Scissors


420 Sharp: These Scissors Get Hotter Each Year

420 Sharps are razor sharp scissors with non-stick blades. Designed by the talented and savvy folks at Savage Innovations, we consider 420 Sharps to be the premier small scissor option on the market.

Speed and Quality of Trim: Are Your Scissors Holding You Back?

These stealth, smooth-cutting, scissors were made for extended trim sessions and/or precision manicuring of plants. They are so lightweight and comfortable you may forget you are holding them! If speed and professional outcomes are important to you, 420 Sharps will not let you down.

Easy to Clean, Stays Sharp and Great Value

420 Sharps are priced right and will be a lasting and rewarding investment. Avoid using 420 Sharp scissor to cut down plants or thick stems. Scrape the accumulated sticky goodness from the blades after each use and apply organic cooking spray on the scissor rivet periodically for smooth operation.

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