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Landscape Bark Mulch

Skidster Pushing Bulk Bark & Mulch

We carry a wide variety of landscape bark & mulch at some of the lowest prices in northern California. Located just north of Chico and south of Red Bluff, Kinney Nursery & Topsoil is the north valley’s premiere one stop garden center. All our bark & mulch products are of the highest quality and our friendly, knowledgeable staff is here to help you in finding the right one for your application.

Mulch is a very important garden amendment In the northern California region, especially in the hotter low lying areas of the valley from Yuba City to Redding. Here are some of the benefits local growers can receive:

  • Mulching acts as a barrier to sunlight. Protected from northern California’s intense summer sun, soil stays cooler and plant roots aren’t stressed from heat.
  • Especially important in our dry climate, mulch helps retain moisture in the soil by preventing evaporation. This not only leads to happier plants, but can mean lower water bills as well.
  • Prevent common garden pest by using specialty mulches such as our Cedar bark Shreds with naturally occurring oils that act as an organic insect repellent.
  • Weed barrier, mulch inhibits the growth of invasive plant’s, such as the locally infamous star thistle, by preventing sun from reaching germinating seeds.