Earth Juice SoyFul


A liquid plant nutrient produced from fermented soybeans to be used as part of a complete fertilization program through all stages of plant development. Fulvic Acid is far superior in action to humic acid due to its low molecular weight, which enables it to go through the cell membranes of roots and leaves. Where humic acid is soluble in alkaline media only, Fulvic Acid is soluble in all media. Fulvic Acid will vitalize the entire plant, from the roots to the growing tips by aiding the production of nucleic acids and assisting with photosynthesis. Use as a foliar or add to solutions. Especially recommended: adding to liquid micronutrient formulations.

Larger sizes (2.5 gallons for $59.99 and 5 gallons for $85.99) available in store or as a special order. Call now!

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