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Cascade Minerals


Cascade Minerals’ Remineralizing Soil Booster is made from all-natural, finely milled volcanic basalt that mimics the Earth’s own method for producing healthy soil by releasing essential trace minerals. Fresh sources of rock minerals, like those in Cascade Minerals, are essential to the life vitality of your plants and key to supporting healthier soils.

Vegetable Gardens, Flowers beds, and landscape plantings use 100lbs per 1000 square feet and till in at the time of planting.
Use 50lbs per 1000 square feet as a top dress during the growing season lightly rake in and water thoroughly. For trees & shrubs:
use 2 cups per 2 inch of trunk diameter spread evenly across rooting area lightly till minerals into soil if possible, and water in thoroughly. Top dress lawns 50 lbs. per 1000 square feet of lawn, following aeration apply 25 lbs. per 1000 square feet and water thoroughly. Use 1 cup per 10 gallons of potting soil, or 10-20 lbs. per cubic yard.


10 lb    $18.99    

44 lb    $29.99

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