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Kinney Nursery's 5-5-5 All Seasons Blend “ASB”


Your one step to gardening success
Pre-plant biological inoculant
All seasons balanced fertilizer
Compost tea food source
Supports soil food web

ASB incorporates high quality all-natural ingredients including fish bone meal, crustacean meal, feather meal, alfalfa meal, greensand, and enough biologically life to inoculate your plants and soil for the season to come. ASB is designed to encouraged and support intense microbially growth, provide a great food source to support your compost tea programs, and encourage bountiful returns from your garden. ASB will revive & recondition recycled soil bringing it back to life. Expect amazing results no matter what your garden grows!!

25 lbs. $37.50        50 lbs. $67.99     1000 lbs. supersack $1300

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