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$65.00 Per Yard

(3/8 x 1/16) Pumice is an excellent soil conditioner, as it is highly porous giving it excellent water and air holding properties.Advantages of Using Pumice:

  • Excellent conditioner for soils that need increased aeration and drainage.
  • Loosens the density of heavy soils, letting in the air and water plants need.
  • Increases water retention in light and sandy soils.
  • Reduces crusting, cracking, flooding and shrinking & swelling of clay soils.
  • Holds moisture in the soil, reducing watering requirements by as much as 35%, but pumice will not compact or become soggy.
  • Is inorganic, so it will not decompose or compact over time, meaning it functions continuously and can be recycled and reused.
  • Does not attract or host fungi, nematodes, or insects.
  • PH neutral
  • These advantages can be realized with as little as 10% addition of pumice to the soil or growing medium.
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