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What can Quality Topsoil do for You?

Topsoil chico caGood landscaping relies on flowering trees, lawns, and garden plants. In turn, all these components of landscape rely greatly on a healthy soil. Soils are the life-blood of plants. Good soil structure makes a world of difference in how well your plants grow.

If the soil is packed too tight there isn’t enough pore space for air to penetrate and the soil can’t draw up water to feed the root system. Surface water will drain off without penetrating the soil surface and plants will grow with a weak, shallow root system. If the soil is too loose the water will penetrate quickly but will not stay long enough for the plants to use the water.

Poor drainage is also a major cause of plant problems. If the garden has poor drainage or the water table is low your plants will be more susceptible to root rot, salt build-up, and shallow root structures that cause plants to wilt easily in the hot summer suns.

“Can You Dig It?”

Quality topsoil supplier At Kinney Nursery this has been our slogan for years, but we take it to heart. We provide amended soils that are easy to work with, while also providing proper aeration and percolation to ensure your next landscape project will be a successful one.

We have been selling soil and soil amendments for over 40 years and our soil mixtures show it. We provide a high quality product at a reasonable price and we deliver it anywhere in the North State. Or, it is available to be picked up at our location in Vina. Remember if it’s not from Kinney Nursery & Topsoil it’s just dirt.